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Classical musician
Specialisation: Keyboard instruments

Takahiko Sakamaki


Takahiko Sakamaki took his first piano lesson at the age of five with his aunt. His more than ten years of experience on the clavichord, harpsichord and fortepiano allow him a special versatility and flexibility in the use of the different instruments. Numerous awards and performances in Japan as well as Europe testify to his excellent artistic qualities.

He has a secure stylistic feeling, high articulation and phrasing ability, a wonderful sense of sound and a high touch. His quick comprehension as well as his great development show his high intellectual and intelligent understanding. His individual and always artistic interpretation skills are remarkable. - Prof. Andreas Frölich, The Cologne University of Music and Dance (HfMT Köln)

He is an impressive musician: as a pianist, he has an enormous variety of nuances and a brilliant technique. But he is also very familiar with historically informed performance practice. Thus, his fortepiano, clavichord and harpsichord playing is characterised by a touching variety of expression and a rich palette of tonal colours. For me, he is therefore one of the most convincing "keyboard players" of the younger generation. - Prof. Gerald Hambitzer, The Cologne University of Music and Dance (HfMT Köln)